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What is VOTW?

Vandals On The Wall (VOTW) takes pride in providing curated coverage of the Philippine independent and mainstream music scene. Its passion towards shaping critical discussions that deal with local music—its trends and progressions in varied forms and sizes, has led to the site’s inevitable transformation: from its humble beginnings as a blog featuring music reviews and obscure homegrown records that you might haven’t even heard of, VOTW now operates as an online music magazine no longer served by traditional media structures and guidelines that dictate how local music should be produced, sold, distributed and consumed.

Factoring the changes in format, VOTW remains fervent as ever in reviving the public’s interest and passion for quality NEW music, trying to shed a different perspective on the way Filipinos appreciate and listen to music.

Our Partners

Founded in late 2009, SEA INDIE (Southeast Asia Indie) has a simple mission statement: To unite and promote the great indie scenes in the Southeast Asian Region; Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We specialize in releasing free digital mp3 compilations and singles to raise awareness of the growing indie scenes in Southeast Asian countries.
 Yuckzine is a hand-made, youth culture zine based in Manila.
Revolver Productions is an off-shoot of the weekly music reviews column in the Life & Times section of the Manila Times (every Saturday) which in turn was named after one of The Beatles’ best albums. Inspired by local underground music productions such as Admit One and Play4Serve, Revolver aims to bring a diverse, eclectic and dynamic line-up of performers under one roof every month.
NDFY.ME is a music hub for independent Filipino artists aimed to bring back OPM to its former glory.
REDMNL Media is the brainchild of The Magic Room Project. It is a team composed of two people whose passion for music and arts have led them to help people come up with their own websites. For inquiries, contact us here.
Amplify.ph started out with the idea of changing the music industry by delivering music to fans for free while still giving back to the musicians that make great music. We wanted to use the best possible medium to reach as many people as we could and make our Partner Artists as accessible as possible to everyone. Using technology and the Internet, we want to spark a change in the way music is consumed in the world. Amplify.ph features Filipino music from a broad range of genres. We wanted to showcase not just the big names in the Philippine music industry, but the grass roots of the Philippine music scene as well.
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