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Be Part of Moonwlk’s Music Video Fundraiser

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Four years into their career, Moonwlk remains a vital presence in the local indie music circles. The synth-pop duo has co-headlined music festivals and released two albums under their belt: the contagious, ‘80s-inflected debut 20Twelve, which former VOTW writer Itos Ledesma described as “pastel colors rendered in high saturation,” and their sparkly follow-up Off The Bed.

Now more invigorated to add another feather to their cap, Nicholas Lazaro and Gabbi Buencamino decided to endeavor the production of their first music video. “Working with a set of very talented and well-meaning directors, videographers, models, and fellow artists, we’ve managed to pull through financially for a better part of the project, but now we’re on our final stretch and we need your help,” Nick Lazaro shares. “Even the smallest contribution would mean a lot to us, so we’ve done our best to express our appreciation for your support through our different pledge options.”

Be part of Moonwlk’s first music video by pledging your support via the Artisteconnect website. You can also help them raise funds by joining them on September 3 at Today x Future. Performing in the music event are Fools and Foes, Autotelic, BP Valenzuela, Cheats, and Moonwlk full band. Entrance is P200 inclusive of a free drink.

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