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Calix x BLKD – Di Matitinag

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It’s been difficult keeping up with the recent spate of events leading to the burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, a desperate move to rewrite historical wrongs and trivialize human rights abuses under the dictator’s regime. Protesters swarmed the streets to denounce the unlawful burial rites, decrying the act as a “great injustice” to the martial law victims.

And then there are those that expressed their dismay over music, spitting socio-political commentary with unrestrained fury. Calix and BLKD’s “Di Matitinag” is a product of such outrage: a confrontational anthem that articulates our collective frustration and rage against the government’s decision to give Marcos the hero’s burial he did not deserve, against the ascension of Marcos kin to power despite tearing the country into shreds during their time in Malacañang Palace.

Over militaristic trap beats, Oriental synths, and a rumbling bass, BLKD and Calix trade barbed verses that take a swipe at the late dictator’s fascist governance which led to thousands of people abducted, tortured and killed and drove the country to economic and social unrest for decades. That vitriol to qualify as poetry takes more than just guts; it should be harnessed to its full potential, to awaken lost souls and incite valuable discussion. Both rappers take the sentiment to their hearts for an uppercut after an uppercut, their words incisive enough to stand tall in a year that keeps on disappointing us.

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