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Rejection is frightfully scary, but there’s a way to profess your admiration subtly, with dignity. Don’t fight the feeling. Win the heart of a girl or a boy you’ve been crushing on for months. This mixtape gives you the much needed push to reach out, to fall hard and fast, and maybe feel good about being hopelessly romantic. It’s a normal process, a love bug that wishes for the other end to reciprocate your feelings. Get lost in the loop and play this collection of homegrown indie tunes that grab a hold of your emotions. There’s nothing wrong about crushing on someone. It’s cute, awkward, weird, funny. It also deserves a soundtrack, an anthem that you’d sing at the top of your lungs whenever you see him or her around. Happy crushing!


(1) Shirebound and BuskingWaltz of Four Left Feet
(2) Paolo Arciga - In My Blood (Love Is True)
(3) Paolo MallariI’m Still Here
(4) The AninipotsSlow Burn Part II
(5) The Chopping BoardNorth Star
(6) Fools and FoesUndesired
(7) Slow HelloYou Know It’s You
(8) Area 25For You
(9) Paola MauricioHeatwave
(10) The GeeksDo You Too
(11) Miles and MotSteering
(12) Oh, FlamingoJune
(13) Ceejay SagarinoC’est Pour Vous
(14) Tandems ’91At Last
(15) CRWN - Marco Polo (Feat. Kajo)
(16) AschSome Kind of Magic (Feat. Clara Benin)
(17) Caffeine and TaurinePut The Glass Down
(18) Rusty MachinesCan’t Hardly Wait
Bonus Track: Ang Bandang ShirleyTogether Forevers

Artwork c/o Ciarra De Mata.

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