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Dott Seki – Karma Loop (Prod. by Red-i)

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Dott Seki 2

There are things one has come to expect from a Dott Seki track: robust yet ethereal set of darkwave lullabies, androgynous vocals that glide above psychedelic and ambient soundscapes, and some usual nods to 4AD, shoegaze, and triphop. A master of brood by default, Dott’s obscure leanings are inspired by the dark, ethereal corners of the indie universe, an aesthetic that masks otherworldly dread with unrelenting wash of sounds from the underground. “Karma Loop” seems to channel this familiar realm, an omen only someone like Dott is capable of casting. Dub/electronic producer Red-i steps in the background as the sonic architecture in which gloom and doom becomes a fortress shielding and obscuring a prophecy, leaving clues for listeners to figure out. Dott as usual, sings, swaying in the cabaret while darkness slowly makes its way to the fold. Suddenly, everything fades in massive nothingness. The song stops, and so as the nightmare. You can download the track here for free.

Photo used courtesy of Red Astrid.

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