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Earthmover – Three (Video)

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It goes without saying that Earthmover’s ability as artists (and as live performers) transcends their music in however way they fashion it. From the gentle opening to the explosive breakout, their songs are structured to progress. You, as a listener, might anticipate it, but the actualization of being able to fully absorb the tenacity of Earthmover’s sound is still ever sweeping.

But perhaps one of Earthmover’s strengths as musicians is how they can widen the range of their songs in the matter of delivering it beyond the recorded form. The band already has a foothold of being a conscientious, deeply enthralling music-makers, but, as displayed in their performance of ‘Three’ during their opening set for the Caspian and So I Watch You From Afar show, Earthmover has proven, once again, that their music, whether live or recorded, pushes sonic bounds.

Photo c/o Amplify.ph.

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