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Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today – A Force of Habit

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It takes a while before the abrasive industrial pulse of Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today’s “A Force of Habit” sinks in and wallows in the dark corners of your existence. And when it does, you can imagine the walls crumbling down and your bed shaking from side to side. The unrelenting wash of feedbacks, tortured guitars, banshee chanting, and sinister digital textures disorients you for a couple of minutes until you feel numb to even stare at the ceiling. The feeling it sends is pretty chemical, a voluntary submission to a shadowy netherworld where hallucinations and solace are used to crossing paths. For a moment, losing yourself to complete darkness might actually be the most liberating event that has happened to you in a long time. The music stops, but beautiful nightmares don’t.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Jay de Guzman.

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