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Imago – Kapit (Morse Magnetic Mix)

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IDM prodigy Morse has recently lent his remixing hand to convert Imago’s indie-rock anthem “Kapit” into a deep, pulsating post-dubstep cut. Stripping the song to its ethereal bareness, the veteran music producer applies tense rhythmic patterns and skittering beats to Mayumi’s otherworldly vocals, restoring the emotional resonance of the original while also defying its strictures with a left-field approach.

The result: an interesting joint with undercurrents of the UK bass-driven club culture thrown in the bag. That Morse has never sucked in the remix department and has done the task progressively over the years, speaks so much about his latest reimagining of Imago’s new track. But you have to credit Mayumi for her enigmatic vocal gifts. Her instrument glides effortlessly in the mix, wandering above the fray, wispy and calm: with nowhere to go but settle in your ‘dream’-of-consciousness.

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