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Imago – Nagkalimutan (Video)

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Nagkalimutan’s music video embodies the whole message of the song: bleak, helpless, about to lose control of the situation. Its sentiments, as penned by Myrene Academia, talk about how painful it is to forget and be forgotten by someone you used to love. Every time Mayumi would walk into a room, there’s always an imagery of bounded pain she can’t seem to escape wherever she goes. Every door led her to a scenario of discomfort and trauma, much like what you would experience when you are trying to get over someone.

The bleak shades of color reflect the darkness she feels inside as she slowly tries to get rid of the past memories and forget. Mayumi’s subtle vocal angst and the crying guitar-led instrumental supplement the overall message of the video and the song itself. Every artists’ goal is to always allow people to relate and to get a glimpse of what he/she felt while creating something.  With that being said, Imago’s “Nagkalimutan” succeeds in achieving that goal. (Isabelle Romualdez)

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