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Interview: Brisom

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Scoring a major label deal might be a pretty steep climb for Brisom especially in today’s ever-changing music market, but their material is a sign of brighter and bigger things to come—thanks to Brian Sombero’s persistence to expand their stadium-filling sound and incorporate DIY ethos without necessarily coming off as self-patronizing or excessive. Perspectives, their debut EP to be launched on March 14, 2013 at Craft Pub and Grill, lays claim to this ambition, with a drive to turn grand gestures into melodic and sensible alt anthems that also sound good on radio and noise-cancellation headphones as much as it is on open air venues.

We’re lucky enough to get Brisom frontman, Brian Sombero on board to share some juicy details about their upcoming album, the concept behind it, and working with Point Bee Multimedia’s Aaron Gonzales.

1. This is a bit trivializing to say, but based from the new material floating around the internet, Perspectives sounds like your attempt at anthems that beg for stadium-sized meltdowns and chorus sing-alongs.

Not necessarily, it really depends on the listener’s “Perspectives.”

2. And then there’s the sensual, R&B-inflected “Day After Day” that’s strategically placed in the middle. How did you guys come up with that particular track?

I wrote that song last 2011 in Cali. It was originally produced by my good friend singer-songwriter Anthony Bryan and upcoming hiphop artist Chuck Enciso. We made that song just one afternoon at Chuck’s studio in Fullerton OC. He had beats, I had guitar and melody ideas and Anthony helped me write it.

I think the reason why it’s kind of R&B-ish is because of the influences. Originally, it was just all programmed beats and acoustic guitar. But I changed it for Brisom to meet a full-band set up style while still retaining the original elements and feel.

3. “Walking Lives” has this clubby, entrancing vibe that could be explored for an awesome EDM mix. Are you guys up for DJs mixing/redoing this song into, let’s say—a house banger?

Yes! We’re definitely down to do that.


4. What was your experience like working on the EP?

It was bit of a stress because we had to cut a lot of songs from the EP. Honestly, we had enough songs to record an album but we strongly felt that the old songs I made don’t fit with our new ones. We’re planning to rearrange the old tracks so we can put it in our future album.

Thanks to Point Bee Multimedia’s Aaron Gonzales for being patient with us. He’s really an awesome guy to work with. We strongly suggest every starting artist to record at his studio.

5. What ideas were central to Perspectives? Any themes? Concepts? Inspirations?

Well, we see things in different ways. Living life is just all about your own “perspectives”. My past experiences taught me a lot and inspired to create a positive view in life.

The best way for me to express it is to write songs. I even have a song called “Muted In Color.” It’s about a good friend of mine who just chose to be sober one day after all the shit he took and been through. Everything is all about your choices; the hardest part is living with it.

6. What can we expect from your EP launch this Friday?

Oh, it’s going to be a show! It will be directed by one the best concert directors in the country, Direk Juno Oebanda. He thought of a concept; that’s all I can say. Wait till you see it na lang sa launch.

7. What’s the best experience of being in a band like Brisom?

Being able to express ourselves. Without music I think we’ll be insane. Music has been our religion, our life and our passion. It’s really something no one can take away from you. My bandmates came from promising bands before: Terence Teves founded Orphanlily, and currently Jason Rondero plays for Silent Sanctuary and Jeffrey Castro plays for Soapdish. I guess they chose to join forces with me because they’re able to do what they want to do, because to be honest, our music doesn’t have a formula. We just do whatever we want according to our tastes and influences.

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