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Interview: Three.!

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Three.!’s music captures the ethereal glow that evades every inch of space in your room at midnight. In between ghosted whispers and awkward silences, the dream-pop duo had an instant connection all their own, one that is cryptic, flowing and somber, but reveals a special kind of intimacy that not even a nuclear beam can break. “Sassja writes a lot of short stories and poems in her blog while I always make instrumentals in hopes that people will find the words in them,” confesses electronic music producer and guitarist Chii Balanaa. “Sassja found those words. The shoe just fit and we just needed to lace it up.”

This natural process of creativity is strongly felt on their debut EP Story of Us, which is slated to be released this Saturday, May 10 at Route 196 alongside The Strange Creatures’ new EP, Stargazer. Few days before the anticipated launch, Chii and Sassja talked to Vandals On The Wall about the secret behind the duo’s chemistry, the band moniker that seems to confuse a lot of curious listeners, and the plans of releasing few more tracks after the unveiling of the EP.  

1. What brought you together to form this music project?

Music brought us together, before this project we went to gigs to watch and not to play.

Chii: Sassja writes a lot of short stories and poems in her blog while I always make instrumentals in hopes that people will find the words in them. Sassja found those words. The shoe just fit and we just needed to lace it up.

Sassja: It wasn’t our intention to be heard by a lot of people. We merely wanted to do something we both understood, something we believed in. When I first heard Chii’s music, I was moved right away. I gathered the courage to ask him if I could put words in them, and he allowed me. Since then, we knew it was something we both could share.

2. Considering that the electro-pop venture is a lovechild of the two members, why name the project, Three.! instead of Two?  Is there an imaginary member we haven’t met yet?

“3.!” (Yes including the punctuation marks) came from Chii’s dream early 2008. Three.!’s meaning is a mystery, even to us.


3. Your first songs “Storms” and “Stardusts” were posted on Soundcloud late last year and got some sort of a following. What is it with your chemistry that attracts curious listeners?

Who we are isn’t as important as the story we want to tell.

4. Can you tell us something about your new track “Eye?”

The “Eye” is the calmest region at the center of a storm. Surrounded by the eye wall which is where the most violent weather occur. We believe time is a massive cyclone where everything is happening simultaneously. Where “Now” is the eye, Aasafe place from your scary future or your broken past. Where we think everyone should be: “Just now”.

5. What can we expect from you brand new EP, Story of Us?  We heard you’ll be launching it in a few days.

We’ve never released any updated version of our songs since it was released last year. Only three of our songs which are old versions are floating around the internet. What we can promise right now are five songs which are honest and filled with our deepest thoughts and emotions.

We will be selling it at Route 196, May 10 (Saturday). We’ll do a live show different from all the live shows we’ve done before.

6. What’s your plan like after releasing the EP?

Though we love our songs and other people seem to love it too, we know we’re new and raw. We’re barely a year old and our music is not quite there yet. We plan on improving our music the only way we know how – by making more music.

7. Not a lot of people are aware that you’re both romantically involved with each other. How does it feel like working with your significant other in something that requires creativity and connection?

Our first song “Stardust” was made before we were romantically involved with each other. We never really thought about this until now. We view our romantic relationship as something completely different from our musical relationship.

Chii: I think it’s crazy making music with people you don’t love anyway, may it be romantic love or friendship.

Sassja: Music requires harmony. We were lucky enough to have had the connection even before we were romantically involved, so it’s a plus that what we share outside our music helps us with this harmony we share.

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