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KaapiN – Taxi Taxi (Video)

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KaapiN had a history of wonderfully bizarre videos that it would be difficult to summon another beast of the same caliber. Turns out, the experimental pop duo doesn’t mind taking leaps and bounds in upping the visual component of their music.

With the help of budding animator Megan Palero, the video for “Taxi Taxi” continues the surreal and forward-thinking exotica of KaapiN’s music videos, bent on creating a world populated by robots, aliens, and strange characters “living as unconscious beings.” While the music itself conjures a rich and recursive dream-world of its own, Palero’s work brings the aural playground to a more discernible aesthetic representation, a loose but fun depiction of the little freaks we have become in our constant struggle to escape from life’s harshest challenges and realities. Watch the video here:

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