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Kiana Valenciano – Circles

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kiana2Coming from a lineage of showbiz royalty, it should be easy for someone like Kiana Valenciano to land a high-profile breakthrough on TV and film. But instead of using her connections as the highlight of her portfolio, Kiana managed to forge a path of her own in a different playing field. Without the support of her parents’ entertainment company, the reluctant star made a dent in the music industry with the Mike Villegas-penned “Dear Heart.” The song anointed Kiana into the spotlight, an ear-candy that delivers moments of pop euphoria and transcendence. It was her “Mr. DJ” and “Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso,” a start of something new.

The momentum was already set, but Kiana chose to remain low-key for the year that came. The only news that mattered on such quiet stretch was her ‘dating stint’ with fellow singer Sam Concepcion. Nothing more, nothing less. Then came the release of “Circles” on Spotify a few days ago. Her latest track, produced and written by Kiana and Gary Valenciano, trades the catchy pop appeal of her debut single “Dear Heart” for an introspective electro-pop in the vein of early Ellie Goulding. This time, Kiana wrings her personal drama out of minimalist beats and downtempo tricks, singing about a relationship that is on the brink of fading out. “I tell you it’s real, I tell you I’m here but I’m tired of fighting,” she confesses. Nothing soars and builds up here, but her voice, wounded but still forging ahead, is one for the rooftops. Watch out for this girl; she’s definitely going places. Stream:

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