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Q/A: Ivan Theory

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Ivan Theory

Take it from someone who has been following music trends every now and then: Caprice is destined to be the record that will mark Ivan Theory’s smooth transition from buzzband upstarts to one of local indie rock’s most formidable acts. Judging from its first single alone, the blissfully catchy “Mistakes,” the young alt outfit is capable of delivering sticky, indelible hooks and sparkling guitar pop drowned in vodka—the music, drunken as you can tell, but filled with passion, lust and longing. Tomorrow night will be sure as hell fun as Ivan Theory launches their sophomore EP, Caprice at Route 196, Katipunan, Quezon City. But before you tag along your friends and celebrate with them, here’s the band discussing their future plans, favorite songs in the album, and the bold, stylistic leap from debut EP Inspire to the latest.

1. Congratulations for making it in the top 5 of the Wanderband 2015 competition. It must have felt great to be in the company of equally hardworking and talented bands. Any preparations to get you pumped up in the finals?

Nothing special really, just jam jam jam. Our practice schedule has doubled up though since a lot of things are happening this January. We were really surprised but also equally grateful for the opportunity.

2. Technically, you are no longer considered a new band. But the breaks keep coming in since last year. What’s in store for 2015?

We’ve been working hard on this EP for a long time and we’re grateful that the opportunities keep on coming just as we’re about to launch it. Right now, we’re just really focused on getting ourselves out there, and we’re really excited to see where this takes us.

3. Let’s talk about your new EP Caprice. How different is it from your debut record Inspire?

Well for one, half of our lineup has changed since the “Inspire” EP. The writing has evolved as well, and we’ve grown as individuals and as a band, yet the sound remains genuinely “Ivan Theory”.

EP Launch Poster 2

4. What are your personal favorites in the album? Care to walk us through your individual picks?

ALI: I like singing “Brandy” most but in terms of telling a story I lean more towards “I insist”.

ANDY: Lyrically speaking, I like “I insist” the most, but I love the energy of playing “Mistakes” live.

DERICK: I like best how “I Insist” ended up as a finalized track in the EP. On the other hand, “Super Spy Police” perks me up the most because of its peculiar energy.

APRIL: Blame the Children had the most different recording method. I love the emotion and the rawness it has on the EP.

5. Does music trend inform the way you write your music?

No. Simply put, we always stay true to ourselves.

6. What can we expect from your upcoming EP launch on January 17 at Route 196?

We’ll be playing a long set which includes a couple of songs that we haven’t played in front of an audience before. Joining us on the stage will be Extrapolation, Maya’s Anklet and The Jeffrey Zulueta Experience, so it’s gonna be one hell of a show!

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