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Rollercoaster Ride: A Conversation with Tom’s Story

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The last three years saw a more guitar-centric strain of post-rock enter our local shores, the kind that combines the rhythmic complexities of math-rock with frenetic tempos, shifting dynamics and intricate guitar arrangements. Tom’s Story are one of the few bands that paved way to these fruitful sonic excursions, wielding instrumentals that creep through an intimate, quiet place. As one of the most formidable live acts in the scene, the post-rock trio manages to get the crowd to their feet with a warm, engaging sound devoid of heavy-handedness, and is instead filled to the brim with kaleidoscopic periods of everyday life. Their songs would make you instantly feel like you’re in the same room with them, eyes closed and hearts clasped, while your soul wander off to a jovial state of mind.

Longtime fans are excited for the release of the upcoming Tom’s Story album, which is considered to be one of the most anticipated this year. We recently got the scoop for the album details in a recent interview with the three-piece instrumentalists composed of Gabba Santiago on guitars, Tom Naval on bass, and Christer De Guia on drums.

Are you comfortable being affiliated with post-rock and math-rock? Do you find it limiting somehow?
I think it’s kind of nice to be affiliated with a particular genre because it makes it easier to find similar bands, but we won’t really let that limit us. After all, things change, interests develop, musicians evolve, etc.

For a band known for sculpting moods out of instrumental jams, do you have a particular theme when making music?
We try to stick to a playful sound, but there are exceptions. We really just want to make the music and the structure of a song something that’s fun, enjoyable, but also dynamic. In short: a rollercoaster.

How do you put titles to your songs?
They usually happen out of last minute necessity (haha :( ) but it depends. Sometimes we name the song based on the things we were experiencing outside of music during the creation of the song, or sometimes we name it after an element in the song. Sometimes we just name the song after something we’ve recently watched, read, played, or listened to!

Let’s talk about your brand new album. How is it different from anything you’ve released so far?
Well, for one, it’s 8 tracks longer than our previous release (haha). Our sound dramatically changed, as well. We really took our time in writing, rewriting, and fine tuning our songs.

Any tracks that feature vocals in the album?
There are no vocals in our whole album except the last one, which is just three bored dudes chanting “Hey”. Haha!

How has your chemistry evolved throughout the recording process?
It’s safe to say that we levelled up during the recording process. We faced many different challenges while recording, like being unhappy with our sound in studio, or having a hard time getting the feel we want, or finding out a particular section of a song doesn’t work out as well in studio as it does live, but we pulled through and learned how to deal with them.

How much ego and heart is in play when you’re creating music?
All of it!

What should music fans expect on the launch?
Lots of fun with lots of great people!

Tom’s Story is set to release their self-titled debut album on January 30, 2016 at Route 196 featuring Autotelic, Musical O and tide/edit. 

Photo courtesy of Mimi Morada.

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