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Skarm – Consumed (on the high)

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Skarm is a genuinely unpredictable presence in the local music scene and a welcome addition to the respectable breed of emcees pushing hiphop sensibilities a bit further upscale into the left-field territory. His work gravitates toward sparse instrumentation and jazzy astral beats, boasting remarkable levels of wordplay and musicality every chance it gets.

On his new track “Consumed (on the high)”—obviously one of the highlights in Skarm’s latest album, Into Your Program—the quirky rapper fulfills his hook duties before settling down to the spiritual promises of psychedelic high. Skarm spins a sumptuously produced, head-nod-worthy of material that pulls you toward one corner and convinces you to listen to the song on noise-cancellation headphones while waiting for the day to pass. Even when everything slows to a laid-back pace, Skarm manages to keep the flow interesting, never pandering to tried-and-tested gimmicks to attract attention. It’s all part of the charm, a logical explanation of why his releases sound comfortable in its own skin, despite the attempt to always surprise core listeners and fans.

Skarm’s new album, Into Your Program is now available on Bandcamp. Download it here.

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