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The Strange Creatures – Moonstruck

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 Strange C

Like any music whose strength is to make us feel how impossibly small the world is, The Strange Creatures’ “Moonstruck” steps back with newfound awareness that enables them to explore the more nuanced appeal of indie-pop. Simplicity is its mask, but it’s an inscrutable place to start: layers upon layers of acoustic and sundazed guitars, lilting keyboards, and boy-girl harmonies grounded by the band’s wistful pop appeal, breathing and ultimately speaking for itself. In dialing the pomp of “I Feel Like I’m On Drugs” and taking a more pared down approach instead of a stylistic one, The Strange Creatures hints at its well-worn touchstones. The leap taken to get to this final product is worth noting, but the band manages to maintain the finer attributes of their low-key past, making sure that everything goes well with a pocketful of sunshine. Stream on Spotify:

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