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Here’s the sequel to Erasing Memories—a personally handpicked mixtape curated by Vandals On The Wall in 2013. This year’s selection picks up where the compilation left us off three years ago: broken, constantly grasping for hope, still surviving even when things get rough on the emotional side. #thisisnotalovesong, a modern retreading of the beloved 2013 mix, offers a perspective that lets us see past the moroseness and downcast feelings. This is more than a soundtrack to feeling empty inside, to being clouded by pain the morning after. As a grab bag, these songs also give you the courage to walk away from heartbreak and nurse you from falling apart. Grab it for some alone-time drinking or long drives:


01 Bubble Economy – On A Rainy Day
02 Hana ACBD – Reverie
03 Souvenir – TSS
04 Pastilan Dong – More of You
05 Ryoku x Clara Benin – Here Comes The Feeling
06 July IXV – Revelations
07 Hannah+Gabi – Too Much
08 Thenils – Until
09 Sour Cheeks – Slight
10 Memory Drawers – For Any of This
11 Dreamlovers4eva – Moon Kittens
12 Adult Sleepovers – Loving Isn’t Like Us
13 Jack Sikat Kombo – Love Drug
14 Chairman Mouse – Her Two Faces
15 We Are Imaginary – Sunny Where You Are
16 Ian Invencion – Apprehensions
17 Rich Caramat – Fade Into You (Mazzy Star cover)
18 Nouvul – Plie
19 Reese Lansangan – Bleed
20 Banna Harbera – Sorrys and Goodbyes
Bonus Track: iNCH – Sweet and Brittle

#thisisnotalovesong is curated by Vandals On The Wall and Gabi Na Naman Productions. Layout and design by Laiza Costelo.

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