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Twin Lobster – Don’t Argue

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Twin Lobster has always been an essential part of the local indie-rock canon, a band that managed to turn the trappings and sentiments of youth into something exquisite but relatable. Their work explores just how delicate and playful guitar chords can be, how sturdy strong structures and accessibility can meet in the middle and exhibit quiet confidence, how Nick Lazaro employ introspective lyricism that look at familiar stories from a different angle. Their timely comeback via new single “Don’t Argue” displays such strength without looking back at the past. The band hasn’t lost its touch for blending deceptively simple melodies with sonic surprises, but this time, the guitars are more subdued and distinctly tasteful, the production brighter and more nuanced. Lazaro steers the wheels on a slightly different direction that is both familiar and alien to longtime fans, delivering a thoughtfully crafted comeback that serves as signal to a newfound level of inspiration. We can’t wait to hear the new album!

Photo by Shinji Manlangit.

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