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Yolanda Moon – Fely (Feat. Paul Yap)

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 Yolanda Moon

We’ll leave it out there whether Yolanda Moon’s long-delayed debut album will soar above reasonable expectations or the other way around. 4 years is more than enough to establish a brand, but with all the lineup changes and recording delays, it will be challenging for a promising band like Yolanda Moon to regain momentum and surprise us with a new material that will break new grounds.

Good thing they’re back on radar with the release of “Fely,”—a soft, jazz-pop cushion that debuted at Jam 88.3’s Fresh Filter playlist a day ago. It’s also part of Old Skool soundtrack which stars the thespic Tessie Tomas as an eager lola who goes back to school and struggles to keep up with the “ruthless and cutthroat world of pre-teen campus life.” The track reeks of crossover potential, displaying a lighter, more relaxed side of Yolanda Moon, minus the little trinkets of sonic experiments that can be found in their early releases. Listen to it and be the judge:

Photo by Cheska Hermosa Piczon.

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